Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vintage Family Photos

Bauman Brothers

This photo is from the mid to late 1950's. It's at the old Bauman Brothers Furniture Manufacturing Co. in Los Angeles. These are some of my father Andrew's, coworkers and friends. All of them were hard core union men.

My father rose from the ranks, starting as a Union Steward and as a member of the Bargaining unit, and during the early 1970's he became the president of the Upholsterer's International Union-Local 15-A. During the 1960's he worked for Sherman and Bertram Furniture Manufacturing, until the company split up and Jerry Bertram started Landmark Fine Furniture. It was during his time with Landmark that my father became president of the U.I.U. Local 15-A. My father is standing second from the right.

In 1985 the Upholsterer's International Union of North America became part of The United Steelworkers.

Landmark Fine Furniture

My father at work. This photo was taken at Sherman and Bertram during the 1960's. I worked here during the summer of 1970 between 10th and 11th grade. I was a button maker. In 1973 I also worked at Landmark when they moved to their new location at 20th and Alameda.

Ann's Dress Shop

My mother Ann (Anita) and my aunt Marcela at my mother's store, Ann's Dress Shop, located at the Hickory Hop Center on the corner of Whittier Blvd and Passons in Pico Rivera. This photo was taken circa 1963-1964

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