Monday, September 28, 2015

Tomato & Basil Omelet


This morning's breakfast: A simple three egg omelet made with olive oil, tomato, basil, Italian flat leaf parsley and provolone cheese. It was delicious. No sides were needed.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's a Boy!

It's a boy! Big day for the family. Josh and Savannah are having a baby boy. The branches just keep growing and spreading. Jeri and I cannot help but feel blessed today!

To top it off it was Grandparents Day today. What a gift. Thank you God.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Lunch at Casa De La O

Street style tacos made at home with pork, simmering long and slow, with New Mexico green chile. Because tacos are an essential ingredient to a happy life!

Street tacos

The MD-11, Building 84, Long Beach Plant



The MD-11, in building 84, in the early 90's. It is one of the best programs I have worked on. In terms of the physical job, it was my favorite. I worked both swing shift and day shift in those years. I especially enjoyed working "out of position" outdoors in the Pressure Pit.

When the weather was really bad, especially when the rain was coming down hard, it was usually on a volunteer basis. McDonnell Douglas was good with us that way. I didn't need to be asked. I loved working outside during the bad weather. One or two other guys from the crew would be out there with me, and except for the guys running pressure, we had the place to ourselves.

I was working in department 550 and 552 in those days. I miss all those guys from those crews. Good memories. Too bad it all had to end.

Anita De La O

This is a photo of my mother from the mid to late 1960's. i'm guessing she's about 38 in this photo. My mother is 86 now and living in a home. She has to have care and supervision at all times. Jeri and I visit her, take her to dinner or lunch and spend some time with her but it is difficult. She is not the same anymore.

She talks about my father a lot. She misses him now more than ever. She just wants to be with him. I say to her "Mom, it's not up to you. It's up to God!" her body and mind are frail now. She's tired.

When she was young she was always on top of the styles. She had her own dress shop at one time "Ann's Dress Shop. This is still how I see her in my minds eye.

Keep my mother in your prayers.

Happy Birthday to My Sister Evelyn

Today, September 12, is my sister Evelyn's birthday. She would have been 66. We will miss her forever.

The photo is at my parents home in Pico Rivera, California. It was 1967 and she was graduating from El Rancho High School. The was a very big deal for my parents. Neither one of my parents graduated from high school, so to have their fist born child graduate was an unprecedented event for them. They were extremely proud.

Love you sis, Happy Birthday!

Friday, September 11, 2015

America Remembers

September 11, 2001....

I was at work that morning. It was still very early in the shift and we were getting ready for the day. I saw two of my coworkers; Carlos Martinez and Dave Pederson, listening to the radio. The look on their faces told me something was wrong. I walked up and asked "What's wrong?" One of them said "A plane just crashed into one of the Twin Towers?"

The big question right away from everyone was "Was it an accident?" We found out about 15 minutes later. I was walking out of the rest room when someone said to me "Another plane just hit the towers!" I called home and spoke with my son Andrew. "Turn on the TV, two planes just crashed into the Twin Towers in New York.

The rest of the events unfolded as America was under attack. It was surreal. We knew immediately that our lives, our country and the world, would never be the same again.

To all who died on this day, 14 years ago, may you rest in peace, and may your family, find peace and comfort that only comes with time.

To all who responded during this crisis, the firemen, the police and the many civilians. Many of you gave your lives (and later, the quality of your lives) heroically. We have not forgotten! May God Bless America and may we never forget!

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Happy Labor Day 2015

For the hard working men and women of America today is the start of a three day weekend celebrating and honoring the labor movement in this country. Monday, September 7 is Labor Day.

The two photos are of my father Andrew De La O, who began his work life as an upholsterer and worked for Baumen Bros, Sherman & Bertram and Landmark Fine Furniture and other furniture makers throughout his work life. He was a dedicated union man, starting as a union steward, a member of the bargaining unit and ultimately the president of the U.I.U.- the Upholsterer's International Union , Local 15-A. He still remains the most dedicate union man I ever knew, as well as the hardest working.

 Happy Labor Day! Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  Andrew De La O

Andrew De La O

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Making a Difference

Be the change you want to see in the world  -Unknown

Sometimes I get angry. Not at any one person but in the general sense. There seems to be so much hate going on in our country. Real hate, and I just do not understand it. So many informal factions seem to be forming every day. Everyone wants every one else to do the “right thing”. Everyone is taking a side.

We all have a responsibility in this country. Me, you, our families and our neighbors. Everyone wants to end racism but all I see are hateful remarks designed to keep fanning the flames of hate. On social media slogans and quotes are posted by the millions. It's so easy to post words written by someone else and twist their meaning. Be creative! Write your own thoughts. Work to make a difference in this world! Reach out to someone different than you.  Make a new friend. Try eating the food of another culture. You might be surprised.

I cannot help but think about the words of John F. Kennedy “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” or Ronald Reagan's  words “We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone”

We have become a country of whiners , haters and blamers. It is just so much easier to blame someone, anyone for the way things are. I have news for you. It's us folks!

If you want to see a change in this world then start with your own house. Teach your kids not to hate. Let them experience a loss and learn from it. Teach them personal responsibility! Teach them respect!  Remind them that the world does not owe them anything. We all have to make our own way. This is life.

We live in such an amazing country, the United States of America (I said amazing, not perfect) and in even more amazing times, and this holds true for the world. What are we fighting about? We all want the same thing. To work, raise a family, watch them grow up to be happy and productive, to love and be loved. We all want this. I don't know whats holding us back. I just know that no one can make the change for us. It has to begin with us. I challenge you and me to make a change. Even a little one. It will have a ripple effect. God bless you and good luck with your change!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Barker X Hot From Hatch, New Mexico

Barker X Hot

My order of Barker X Hot came in this morning. Same species as the Sandia Hot that came in a few days ago from Hatch, New Mexico but a different variety.If you look at my earlier post you can see the difference in the two types. Many are smaller, gnarlier than the Sandia.

As soon as it cools down I'll begin roasting the chiles outside on the grill. We'll probably make our first pot of Chile Verde con Puerco (Green Chile with Pork) this Sunday, if it cools down a bit. These chiles were also bought from the Hatch Chile Store. The link is on my previous post.