Monday, May 18, 2009

Andrew's Visit

Earlier this month,  from  May 7th to the 13th, our son Andrew visited with us. He was stationed in Seattle while in the Coast Guard and has continued to live there since leaving the service. This was the first time we had seen him in two years. It was a great visit. Him and I were originally going to take a road trip together, destination unknown, possibly Las Cruces, New Mexico but with Mother's Day on May 10th we decided to stay close to home. Below are just a few of the photos that we took.

Alaska Ailines Flight # 542 Arriving 10:15 am Long Beach Airport, Thursday May 7, 2009

Below and Above: Hugs and Tears

Mariah, Andrew, Maddie and Lucky

Meranda, Andrew and Savannah

Chowing Down at Frantones in Downey

Andrew and Maddie

Deedee, Rich, Tom and Lori

Savannah and Josh

Andrew Manning the BBQ Pit

Everyone Enjoying Andrew's Cooking

Savannah, Lori, Andrew, Meranda and Deedee

The De La O Clan

Andrew and Family Friend Ed Hernandez

At My Mother's House

Above and Below: Relaxing in Grandma's Back Yard

Grandma's Kitchen

Maddie, Meranda, Andrew and Grandma

At the Hot Sauce Store at The Farmer's Market on Fairfax

Above and below: Andrew in His Enviroment, at The Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood

In the Backyard, Meranda, Andrew, Mariah and Lucky

Above and Below: saying Goodbye at the Long Beach Airport

Alaska Airlines Flight # 545 Leaving for Seattle (SeaTac) 6:30 Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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Anonymous said...

The strongest tie and the greatest force are family and love. No matter where we are, what we do, the mistakes we make and the triumph over life's challenges--it is family and the wisdom of knowing the strength of God in our lives. You are blessed and have been given the grace to know what is important and central in your life. May you all be blessed and in His care. Mike (in Oregon)