Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ozomatli to Perform on NBC's Today Show - Wed. June 17th

What's up, Ozoheadz?! We've got some AMAZING news to share with you all - Ozomatli will be performing their summer jam "After Party" on NBC's Today Show THIS WEDNESDAY, June 17th. Set your DVR’s for the 8am hour! Not the Tonight Show, the TODAY SHOW! Big mainstream America bananas ya’ll!

The band will be featured in the show's profile on Latin music along with their live performance. This is all part of their series entitled "We The People", which is focusing on the Hispanic population in the US. For more information on this series and to post comments, go to: http://allday.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2009/06/12/1963669.aspx

We need all Ozoheadz to come out in force and post post post on MSNBC.com and the Today Show’s website about how smart they are to book Ozo on their show! (You really came out for us when we did Dancing With The Stars, and all of your posts made the ABC execs take notice! Cause Ozoheadz Rule!)

Check your local listings for scheduling and programming and make sure to spread the viral word that Ozo is going to be on the Today Show!

Thanks for all your support.
- Ozo

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