Thursday, October 06, 2016

Classic Photos: Heading to the Movies

These photos are from either late 1978 or early 1979. We were headed out to the Whittier Theater on Whittier Blvd I don't remember what we saw that day but you could still see two movies. You got your moneys worth back then.

The first photo is with Jeri, and Meranda in front of the house on Newlin Ave. In the second photo Jeri, with DeeDee, Lori and Meranda, crossing Gretna Ave. The Whittier Theater was across the street.
The house on Newlin was razed in 1987 and replaced with apartments. The Whittier Theater was semi destroyed by the 1987 Whittier earthquake. There was a strong attempt to save it but eventually the city won out and the city finished the job started by the earthquake. There is a Walgreen's on that corner now. The parking lot in the second photo was cleared and homes were built. Nothing stays the same.



The Whittier Theater (above and below) before and after the October 1, 1987 Earthquake.

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