Thursday, September 21, 2006

2006 Family Reunion

I finally got around to posting the pictures from our first family reunion at Legg Lake on June, 24 of this year. If you weren't there, you missed a really good time. But we'll be doing it again next year. Kudos to our cousins, the Moreno sisters, Kathy, Cynthia and Lisa, and David Delgado for his help in contacting family mambers. They really did a great job and it wouldn't have happened without all their hard work! There was a lot of good food; carne asada, hamburgers & hot dogs, deli meats, homemade potato salad, lots of cold drinks, a birthday cake and more. We all celebrated David Robles jr's birthday with him. It was just like old times. The common denominator at the reunion was the late Atancio and Victoria Espinoza, my great grandparents, my mothers grandparents. Everyone that was there is descended from them. The oldest generation there, was aunt Julia Delagado (Espinoza), Atanacio and Victoria's daughter, and sister to my grandma Mary, who passed in 1986. Altogether there were seven generations. It was great seeing everyone again, and seeing their kids and grandkids, some for the first time. I'm only sorry that my son Andrew wasn't there to enjoy the day with us. Next year, when he's back from Iraq, I hope to see him there. We're hoping that next year will be bigger and better, as word gets back to what a great time we had. You can see the photos by clicking on the link below. If you would like me to post your photos let me know.

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