Saturday, October 14, 2006

Strength in numbers

It was a magnificent day! Kelvin has been is such good spirits!! He has also shown so much strength! He continues to be my little warrior. Today I saw him clasp his hands so very hard he said "God, we have to fight these monsters! We just have to beat them, PLEASE GOD" I looked at Frank and he looked at me and we were speechless. I sat by Kelvin's side and told him that he did not have to fight anymore, to leave all the fighting to God and if God chooses to beat the monsters Great, but if God feels that He needs him more than that would be all right with us, that we love him so much and that God loves him so much too and he would be all right and that we will soon all be together again. He said all right but I know my little soldier does not want to give up! He keeps telling people that he is going on the Disney Cruise soon, as soon as he is better. My little boy is my hero! I tell him that too! He has taught me so much! I am a better person because of him, he has taught me how to live!
Today wonderful people came to my home and lite candles for Kelvin and prayed! We felt so strong and so loved! Kelvin brings the goodness out in people and for this I am so very grateful! I also got many e-mails of support, people telling me that they too were lighting candles and praying for my angel. I know God is listening and that He will do what is best for my Kelvin! We don't want to be selfish, we want Kelvin not to suffer we just want him to be free of pain and to feel so loved!
Thank you again for all your prayers and all your support, we continue to pray for a miracle and we know that you are all doing the same. Cancer is strong and takes away life, God is stronger and a giver of life. We know that He can defeat it if he chooses. We pray He does.
Grateful and Hopeful,

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