Friday, December 29, 2006

Hanging on-From Rocio Montagner

Kelvin's heart is so strong and so is his will to live! He is hanging on and won't give up! I walk around and with this heavy heart. Sometimes I feel I can't lift myself out of bed and the only thing that gets me through the day is my little Zacky. He is my reason to live and my life has been devoted to Kelvin and Zacky. I know that Kelvin may soon leave us but Zacky needs me and needs all the love we can give him. Someone asked me today if I wanted to commit suicide. Desperation has entered me but not the will to die. I have my Zacky who need me more than ever. He will be very lonely without his big brother and will need me somehow fill this void. I need to live for Kelvin too! Kelvin always wanted to help other children with cancer and wanted to someday cure cancer. I pray that his memory will serve others to do what he once set out to do, help children with cancer.
A fund has been established for Kelvin, we are thinking to disperser some of the monies to help children with cancer. I know that Kelvin would love us to sponsor a weekend of activities and playtime at the hospital. He always hated that the playroom was closed on weekends and he always wished they would open. I know many of the children felt this way too! He always wanted to have fun it was like he knew that his time here would be short and always wanted to play and have fun! He was living the moment!
Frank has been doing much better, I think a little angel must have spoken to him! He is much calmer and has joined me in doing all we can for Kelvin.
Thank you little angel!
I am still full of hope and pray for that miracle that can still happen! I pray that we can all have some peace. This has been such an emotional rollercoster and we just need some sort of normality in our lives.
Full of Hope and praying for a MIRACLE,
Mom & Dad

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