Tuesday, January 09, 2007

'Grease,' Matt & Remembering Kelvin - From Access Hollywood

'Grease,' Matt & Remembering Kelvin

by Billy Bush
Just leaving New York now to return home to my family. I've been out shilling my new show Grease: You're The One That I Want on NBC.
On that note, I hope people tune in to see this show. It's got a lot of heart and the payoff to the premise is huge. There is no show on television that carries such consequences - America's choices for Danny and Sandy go straight to Broadway and have to carry a major stage production. The drama is there.

I felt very lucky to be at the Today Show this morning to promote the show on the day that Matt Lauer was being honored for his 10 years in the anchor chair. I have a ton of respect for Matt. He is not only one of the best interviewers on TV, due to his natural wit and preparedness, but he is a humble and gracious guy.
The moments they wheeled back were hysterical and poignant. And at the end of the 8 o'clock hour when John Ondrasik (Mr. Five for Fighting) sang '100 Years' for Matt, my eyes filled (half way thank God) with tears.
We should all take a moment to reflect on the valuable moments in life. I choose to Thank God. My thoughts drifted from my friend Matt and his contributions to my beautiful and supportive wife and my daughters and for that moment, I was frozen in happiness.
Now, I return to them for the weekend.
On the plane I will put the finishing touches on my eulogy for a boy, very close to me, who passed away. His name was Kelvin Montagner and cancer finally wrestled him to the mat. He fought with the heart of a lion and his passing leaves a destroyed family. Amazingly, their faith is unshaken.
You may remember Kelvin...I first met him at Childrens Hospital in LA with Eva Longoria. After that meeting he and I stayed in touch. I visited him often. We went to the movies and to Universal Studios...to his house for a homemade Mexican feast...I thought I could help lift him up for the fight and that maybe it would help him win.
In the end, Kelvin lost the fight and the only one to gain was me. He taught me more about life and the will to live than anyone ever has. I will cherish his memory and look forward to celebrating his life in front of his family and friends.
Rest in Peace and thank you Kelvin.

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