Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Haunting Photos

Some of these are facinating, some are disturbing, all tell a story.
Tanker facing an approaching storm
That picture of the girl trapped in the mud was taken by and copyrighted to Frank Fourier. It depicts Omaira Sánchez, 13, who was trapped with her
legs pressed by debris from her own house for three days; she and 23,000 more people died there. It occurred on November 13, 1985 when the eruption of
the Nevado del Ruiz volcano produced a huge mudslide in Armero, Colombia (South America).

When rescue teams tried to help her, they realized that her legs were trapped. The only feasible option was to pull her out by breaking and ripping
her legs off. Omayra remained strong until the last moment of her life. According to people who were by her side during those moments, the little girl
wanted to live, saying her only worry was to go back to school.
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