Thursday, August 30, 2007

Old Photos and New Family!

Below are two vintage family photographs. The top photo is of Santiago Madrid De La O (third from left) with his unit. I am not 100% positive and am currently working to prove this. The second photograph (again I need to confirm this) is of my grandfather Santiago (man on the left) and his brother Manuel. I have been in possession of these photos since my father passed away in 1981. They were in his old Army trunk along with a lot of other photos and information.

The good news is that I am no longer working alone. Thanks to the internet and I have met two relatives. I have met both Juanita De La O Gordon, from New Mexico, and Carol Herrington, from La Mirada, California, who have been doing research of their own on the De La O family history.

Juanita's Grandfather is Manuel De La O. Manuel is the older brother of my grandfather Santiago. One of Manuel's sons is Juan. Juan is the first cousin of my father Andrew. He is also Juanita's father. Juanita and I are second cousins. Carol was married to John Garza (now deceased), John's mother was Emma De La O, and her father was Manuel De La O. John and I would be second cousins as well. We all share the same great grandparents, Rafael and Margarita (Madrid) De la O. There are no words to describe how happy I am to have met both Juanita and Carol, not just because they may or may not have information, but because they are family, and after God, there is nothing more important to me than family. Click on either photo for a larger view.

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