Saturday, September 01, 2007

Vintage De La O Family Photos

Below are old family photos sent to me by my new found cousin, my prima, Juanita De La O Gordon. The first two photos are of her father Juan De La O, the third, something I thought I would never see, is a photo of my great Grandmother Margarita (Madrid) De la O, with her grandson Pantaleon. The fourth picture is of my grandfather Santiago (on the right)and his older brother Manuel (left), with Manuel's son's Ramon, Juan, Felipe and Gregorio. The fifth photo is of my great uncle Manuel. These photos were taken in New Mexico and are priceless to me. along with these photos Juanita has also given me the name of my great, great, great grandparents Cristobal and Gertrudis De La O. Little by little the puzzle is being solved.

Juan De La O

Juan De La O

Margarita (Madrid) De La O and her grandson Pantaleon

Manuel and Santiago De La O, with Manuel's Sons

Manuel De La O

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