Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Photos

We spent the Thanksgiving weekend at my mother's house in Spring Valley Lake. It gave all of us a chance to catch up with each other. Both my son Andrew and brother Dennis called us and we caught up with them as well. Andrew cooked his own turkey for the first time and used his mother's stuffing recipe. According to him it tasted just like mom's. Andrew and Anaphone invited a few guys from the ship to spend Thanksgiving with them. That's my boy! Here are a few photos from Thanksgiving Day. I'll post Andrew's Thanksgiving photos as soon as he sends them.

One dead but delicious turkey


Jeri with granddaughters Maddie and Mariah

Savannah and Mariah

Savannah and Meranda

Grannie Annie with granddaughters Savannah and Meranda and great granddaughter Mariah

left to right Standing; Savannah. Meranda, Grannie Annie, Randy (me) and Jeri.
Sitting; Granddaughters Maddie and Mariah

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