Friday, December 07, 2007

Somewhere in East Los Angeles

I never knew my grandfather Santiago, other than what I was told by my father, and from old photos. I think this is a great photo. He has his violin with him, he looks happy and the woman seems to be enjoying his company. I can imagine my grandfather playing his violin for the customers or friends. According to my father, my grandfather was a multi talented musician. The more I delve into my family's history the more I find that musical talent is the thread that runs through our family.

This photo is interesting because of what is in the background. If you look directly behind his hat, you will see an old calendar with the poker playing dogs. That photo is still making it's way around the internet today as well as pop culture posters. Then there is the old jukebox, Eastside beer and the beer signs. Everything is just so representative of it's era. Nothing I can do about the ink spot, it's been there ever since I can remember. Besides it adds character to the picture and it makes you wonder how it got there.

  Santiago Madrid De La O, somewhere in Los Angeles 
 This is written on the back of the photo: Mr. Santiago M. De La O and Mrs. Christine Olivarry, Los Angeles 22 Aug 10 - 52

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