Monday, August 24, 2009

Rafael and Margarita De La O and Other Family Photographs

It's been a while since I have posted anything. It goes like that sometimes. I do have some great photos that have been passed on to me by our cousins. The photo of Rafael and Margarita De La O and their daughter, our Tia Gregoria is a photo I thought I would never see. The photo of Rafael, Margarita and Gregoria was sent to me via an email attachment by our cousin Juanita De La O Gordon. Rafael and Margarita are our great grandparents so this is special to us. I am just guessing but it is possible, in fact it is more than likely that this photograph was taken at the old Rancho De La O, which was still in Rafael's possession at that time.
I also have two photographs of my aunt Delia. The photos were sent to me by her son, my first cousin, Hugh Rowlett. Delia is my father's oldest sister and the daughter of Santiago De la O and Gumesinda Salazar. Up until I recieved these two photos I had never seen a photo of my aunt Delia. I had never met her befrore so this is a first for me.
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Rafael and Margarita De la O with their daughter Gregoria.

Delia De la O Rowlett - 1947

Delia De La O Rowlett-May 1965
Five more photographs were sent to me by our cousin Barbara Lisa Wideman. Lisa contacted me a while back and sent me the following photos. My apologies for taking so long to post them. Lisa is a descendent of Cosme De la O. Cosme and Rafael are brothers and both are the sons of Pascual De La O and Nicolasa Fernandes. The photgraphs are of members of her family. Our thanks to our Prima Barbara Lisa.

Barbara Lisa Wideman

GGG Grandfather Pasqual De La O
GG Grandfather Cosme De La O
G grandmother Francisca Lopez
Grandmother Juanita Lopez
Mother Edna Wray
Barbara Lisa Wideman

Edna Wray (Barbara Lisa's Mother)

David C. Serna (Barbara Lisa's first cousin)

Barbara Wray Serna (Barbara Lisa's Aunt)

Leola, Leo, Juana, Olga, & Barbara Wray - about 1931

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Dave said...

Randy, I sent first cousin Barbara Lisa a photo, "Leola, Leo, Juana, Olga, & Barbara--about 1931," and it's posted in this group (Aug. 24, 2009). I'm glad that she sent it to you, but I listed the wrong order of people in the photo, according to my Aunt Eva. It should read:

"Olga, Leo, Juana, Leola, and Barbara--about 1931."

My mom was Leola, and she was two years younger than Olga, whose difference I should've caught in the photo. Thanks in advance for making the correction. Also, thanks for posting all of your photos and stories! I'll send some as well.

Cousin David (Alper)