Sunday, May 06, 2012

Happy (Belated) Birthday Mom!

I was in the hospital at the end of last month and at the beginning of this month. I had an acute attack of panreatitis, arguably the worst pain I can remember suffering. I was discharged from the hospital on May 2, which was my mother's birthday.  I did not get to spend the day with her, as was my original plan. I want to wish her a belated Happy Birthday. Earlier this year, prior to Savannah and Josh's wedding my mother suffered a mild heart attcak but she has recovered fully. She turned 83 on the 2nd, and is still going strong. Happy Birthday and God Bless you Mom! We all love you.

The photo below was taken at the Springfield Banquet Center in Fullerton, California on April 1, 2012 during Savannah and Josh's wedding.

Anita De La O and Savannah Guerrero

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