Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cesar Chavez Day 2013

Cesar Chavez

It seems as if I've worked hard my entire life, but I have but I never had to pick fruits or vegetables as a farm worker. My wife Jeri did just that when she was a little girl, along with her parents, in Texas and in California. She still remembers getting up at 3:30 in the morning to pick strawberries. my father, on his own at the age of nine followed the crops throughout the southwest. My mother did this as well when she was in her teens. So did my friend Frank Baltazar. I'm proud of all of them!

Today, March 31, 2013 is Cesar Chavez birthday (not to be confused with Julio Cesar Chavez), it is also Cesar Chavez Day, a California State Holiday. Chavez was one of my heroes when I was younger, he still is. Both my son and I shook his hand many years ago. A truly humble man endowed with greatness and leadership. An honest to goodness American Hero! Where have all the Cesar Chavez' gone? Chavez died on April 23,1993.

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