Saturday, August 01, 2015

A Morning Walk

God has his own humorous way of keeping us humble. Sometimes he does this, not in big ways, but in little ways, that stop and make us think.

For example, this morning I went for a walk. As I was walking on the sidewalk on Broadway St. an elderly woman (older than me) was walking out of her house. She was very small, about my mother's size, and somewhat frail looking.. "Buenos Dias!" she said with a smile. "Buenos Dias Senora!" I answered back.

I kept on walking, at a fairly good pace, and about ten minutes later I saw something yellow move past me and onto the street, just to the other side of the parked cars. It was the old woman. She was behind me the entire time but apparently I was going too slow for her. She decided to pass me up.

I picked up my pace just a bit but it didn't faze her, she looked at me and I had the feeling she felt bad for showing me up. She got back on the sidewalk and stayed about ten paces behind me. She stayed behind me for another five minutes or so before making a turn onto another street.

God bless that old woman for keeping it real and reminding me that my walk in life is not in competition with anyone else's walk. There will always be someone bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, younger (or older) or whatever, so walk or run at your own pace. You will get there.

This morning's walk was both humbling and inspirational, and yes, God does have a sense of humor God bless you and enjoy your day.

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