Saturday, July 09, 2016

The Avocado Trees

Hass Avocado Tree
Hass Avocados
My two Hass avocado trees are coming along nicely The trees are still young - a little over two years - but they are bearing fruit. The Fuerte avocado tree has not done as well. I almost gave it up for dead but it's making a comeback. It's not thriving but it is surviving When I first planted the trees in 2014 it was the biggest of my three trees (2 Hass, 1 Fuerte). It's been a struggle. Both the Hass and the Fuerte are my favorite avocados I can't wait to make a batch of guacamole from my own avocados.

I did have a Fuerte Avocado tree years ago given to me by my friend Ken Robledo. That tree was grown from his parents avocado tree at their home in Pico Rivera, California. That tree produced some of the best avocados that I have ever tasted up to this day. I had high hopes for the tree Ken gave me but that tree was destroyed by a dog, an Akita, that was given to my daughter Savannah about a month after I planted the tree. It broke my heart (and Ken's heart ). The dog was untrainable and unmanageable and we eventually gave it to a neighbor. 

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