Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

Good morning! Today is Good Friday. Except for those days when I was young and my mother made fish on Good Friday I have always eaten meat. It wasn't an act of defiance, it's just that Good Friday has almost always caught me off guard.
I seem to always find out just as I am shoving an all meat beef burrito, or a thick steak, into my mouth. Someone will invariably say to me "It's Good Friday"! I always pause for a moment of Catholic guilt and then continue with my eating. I'm not Catholic any more and I'm not sure if that rule still applies. I still eat meat on Fridays if it's on the menu.
Easter Sunday is coming up this weekend and I am reminded of the days growing up in Pico Rivera when my mother and my aunt Margaret would gather my sister Evelyn and I, and my cousins David, Kathy and Cynthia Moreno and send us off to the Easter Service at St. Hilllary's Catholic Church. While they stayed home.
We would make the trek to church, sometimes actually going in and sometimes not. This also went on several times during the year on any given Sunday. This is what good Catholics do.
Whether you eat meat or not, enjoy your dinner tonight and remember to give thanks to Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. It is his grace, forgiveness and his ultimate sacrifice that we celebrate and remember this Sunday.

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