Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Fathers Day to my Late Father Andrew De La O

By Randy De La O

Happy Fathers Day to all my family and friends. I hope all of you enjoy your special day!
It has been thirty six years since my own father, Andrew De La O, has been gone. At times it seems like yesterday, at other times, a life time ago. Still there is not a day that goes by that he is not in my thoughts in one way or another. I will miss that great man forever.
Though I didn't always appreciate or maybe even recognize it when I was growing up, I see it all so clearly now. I was both blessed and priveleged to be raised by a good honest hard working man that lived his life simply and with honor. His family: my mother Anita, my sister Evelyn my brother Dennis and I,were the focus of his life. How great to know that we were so loved.
My fathers generation is now called the “Greatest Generation” and rightly so.They endured and survived and they rebuilt America one day at a time by getting up every day and going to work. Most men of that era did not have the the time or luxory to think about what they would like to do for a living, nor did they spend their time complaining about it.. The just worked. It was a way of life and it was a good one.
My father, and my aunts and uncles, did not have an easy life growing up but none of them looked for excuses and they all found success in one form or another. I am proud to be the son of such a man.
Happy Fathers Day Dad!

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