Thursday, June 08, 2017

Santiago Madrid De La O with Band Members.

Santiago M. De La O

Santiago M. De La O

This vintage photograph of my grandfather, along with the list of names on the back were sent to me by my prima (cousin) Stephanie Pisano). I am eternally grateful. I have never seen this photograph before. Stephanie is the great granddaughter of my grandfather's oldest brother Manuel (my great uncle).

I don't know the year this photograph was taken but from the clothing and looking at my grandfather I'm guesstimating a hundred years ago, more or less.

I know that my grandfather Santiago, and his brothers Manuel and Andres, played together as a trio, so I;m not exactly sure how this fits in with that. Maybe It was a temporary gig, or a band he joined or formed at a later date.

Though it completely skipped over me, musical talent runs deep in our family. My son Andrew is carrying on that old family tradition!!

I'm wondering if my father ever saw this photo.

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