Thursday, October 26, 2006

Enjoying every minute!! Rocio Montagner

My little warrior continues to fight!! He says he is not ready to go to Heaven!! He sometimes starts to smile and talks about lots of funny things and well we are enjoying every minute!! He started telling a friend that he was a movie star and asked if they wanted his autograph!! I tell you he is amazing!! We continue to pray for a miracle!! We are begging God to please heal my little angel!! Its God that has kept him with us and we pray he continues to do so!! It is so heart breaking to see a child with cancer! Cancer is so unforgiving!! It does not care what color, faith, sex or age you are!! It invades babies to adults! We need to continue to lobby our governments to spend more money on this horrible monster!!
I have been reading books that have been sent to Kelvin. He loves Clifford and he especially loves a book we just got called "Why do you love me?" I have read it to him almost everyday! Sammy in the book is my Kelvin!! He takes Karate and swims and Kelvin loves to do this!! Sometimes when I am reading it to him he chants with me "Mommy will always love me no matter what!". I am so happy that he feels the love!!
I don't want to give up!! I know that if God chooses he will heal my son!! I pray and ask you all to pray and beg God to allow us to keep our little boy!!
I can honestly say that I will always love God no matter what!!
Full of LOVE & HOPE
Mom & DAD

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