Friday, October 27, 2006

Making it count-Rocio Montagner

We are enjoying every smile, every word and every kiss Kelvin gives us! He is our angel and we love him so very much!! Today we went to the beach and had lunch. He sat in his chair and watched the birds eat crumbs off the floor and he giggled. I could smell the sea air and remember how much he loved riding the marry go round. We stood in front of it as it turned and listened to the music. I asked him if he remembered how much he loved riding it and he paused for a moment and smiled. I live for these moments! He looks so good and I continue to pray for a miracle! I feel so strong and in my heart I know that Kelvin will be all right. Tomorrow we will have some family over and I know he will enjoy this! God is good and He will take care of us, all of us! I have faith and pray that with each day my strength will grow and my faith as well.
Full of Faith & Hope
Mom & Dad

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