Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Going To Disneyland Tomorrow! -Kelvin's Family

Last night Kelvin woke up and Frank and I talked to him. We told him that we knew he was tired and that it was okay if he did not want to fight anymore. We told him that God will take care of him and of us that we will one day be together forever and not to worry about us that we would be OK. We also told him not to be scared and that Heaven is a beautiful place filled with wonderful magical things and that there were lots of angels he could play with. My little one will never be lonely, he will always have someone to play with. This makes us happy knowing that the suffering will soon stop and that he will again laugh out loud, play and run like he use to! It is hard to imagine being without him but we must not be selfish and think of him only him! He has been through enough and needs to stop hurting. He fell asleep and at about midnight he woke up excited and smiling. I talked to him and he told me "Mommy, mommy I saw heaven" I felt so happy when he said this knowing that God was watching over him and showed him what lies ahead for him. He is not afraid now and he is so happy to one day be in the presence of God. Frank and I are hurting but are so happy that our baby will go from our arms into God's arms. .
We have decided to take him to Disneyland tomorrow. Our good friend, Billy has set it up so that "A Big Car" a limo, what Kelvin had asked him for one day to pick him up and take him to Disneyland. He told Billy a few weeks ago that he wanted him to come to his "Cancer Go Away Party" at Chucky Cheese and that he wanted a Big Car, a limo to pick him up. Billy promised him that he would do this for him. I am hoping that God will allow him to enjoy this wonderful day that has been planned for him. His best friend and best cousin will join him. They have been with him through this difficult time and they should be with him for this so very special occasion. We pray that this trip will make him laugh out loud one more time and we hope we will be able to see him walk once again for just a little while. So much has happened in so little time and as long as our little angel is happy and without pain is all that matters to us now even if we only have him for just a little while.
We will all be praying for our beautiful child now, that he is happy and comfortable and that he will not suffer any pain or sadness. We are still praying for a miracle but if God needs him now then we just pray that he will go in peace. Amen
With our hearts filled with unselfish love,
Mom & DAD

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