Saturday, October 07, 2006

Making Every Moment Count-Kelvin's Family

Yesterday was a wonderful day! Kelvin woke up and was hungry!! I was so excited and happy!! He had a good breakfast and a good lunch!! He looked so happy and he was acting like himself!! We were so happy and are so thankful for all your prayers! God is listening! I asked him to please allow my little angel to be happy and he did! Kelvin also had a special visitor SPIDERMAN! He could not believe that he had come to see him!! Kelvin talked to him and even tried not to expose his secret identity, he kept whispering that he knew he was Peter Parker and made sure no one else heard!
Today was suppose to be a magical day for Kelvin, Christmas. Some wonderful people from Access Hollywood came to decorate our home inside and out! It lookes beautiful, they even made it snow! We were so excited for Kelvin but just 1 hour before the big surprise Kelvin had a seizure. We were all so crushed! There was all this snow, Santa, and of course lots of presents and Kelvin was so ill! How could this happen? First Disneyland and now Christmas! I am grateful that he got to see Spiderman and he enjoyed it so much. I try not to be angry but I can honestly say that it makes me so sad.
At about11:30pm he woke up and we told him about Santa and the snow. We took him down stairs to see the tree and all the presents. He was excited but still very tired and weak. Frank carried him to the front door and we showed him the snow. I sure hope it is still there tomorrow so he can touch it.
It is so amazing how kind people have been to my little angel, Billy and all the wonderful staff who came to make this a magical time for my baby! He missed the snow fights but tomorrow I pray that he will be strong and happy so that he can enjoy opening all his gifts! He asked Santa for a Jeep he could ride on and before he fell asleep he asked "Did Santa forget my Jeep? I did not see it under the tree" Frank told him that Santa knew we had a 3 car garage and he parked it in there! He says he can't wait to ride in it tomorrow!! I pray he can!!
Praying for more good days,
Mom & DAD
P.S. Here is a photo with Spiderman

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