Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Remembering - Rocio Montagner

It was a pretty good day for Kelvin today. He had some friends from CHLA visit today and they brought his favorite Porto's fruit tart. He had a big piece!! As I look at him smile and eat it feels like everything will be all right. I sometimes remember how he use to run down the street yelling "Daddy I love you!" as Frank left to work. Kelvin has always been very lovable always kissing us, hugging us and telling us how much he loves us. He continues to do this and I just want it to continue forever and ever. He has been eating very well and his color is so much better. He no longer has the dark circles under his eyes and his cheeks have a tint of pink. He is looking so much healthier. I know that our prayers are working he is smiling and laughing out loud like I asked God. We are hoping he continues to feel well enough so that we can finally take him to Disneyland. Today when our friends came over to visit he told one of them that he was going to a even better place, the Disney Cruise. My heart ached. I sometimes wonder if Kelvin feels that he is getting well and that going to the Disney Cruise is possible. I pray that he is right and that he will feel well enough to go. Right now we will see if we can take him to Disneyland. Kelvin says he feels strong and well but he does sleep often. He did stay awake allot longer today than he has. We continue to pray for a miracle, a miracle that will heal my little angel.
We would like to ask that you all join us in prayer to ask God to spare our little angel in a candle light prayer for him. We would like to have as many people as possible join us. Friday at 7:00pm light a candle and pray as hard as you can for our angel. Ask God to heal him ask God to keep him free of pain. We are praying for a miracle and I know that if we all join God will listen. He may not allow us to keep our son but I know that He will make sure that our baby is comfortable and without pain. We love him so much and just don't want to let go!
Filled with Love and Hope,
Mom & Dad
P.S. Please do not forget Friday Oct. 13 at 7:00pm to pray, Thank you!

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