Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Continuing to Pray-Rocio Montagner

Kelvin is defiantly improving!! It is amazing what vitamins and minerals do! He is also getting more alternative medicines!! We continue to fight and not give up!! God has sent so many wonderful people to help my little angel!! He is surrounded by people who continue to pray and ask God for a MIRACLE!! The power of prayer is just to amazing!! Tomorrow we will try another medications and we ask that you pray that it will be successful!! Kelvin is in no pain!! He is very happy and has started to tell some jokes!! He is watching TV and is playing Video games now!! He was so weak and ill! So much goodness has come and we are so thankful to you all for your strength in prayers!! Keep them coming!! God is listening!! I am so thankful for such good days!! His appetite is still low but improving!!
I am so thankful for everyday and continue to beg God for more and for even better days!! Kelvin is a fighter and keeps telling everyone that he WILL DEFEAT THE MONSTERS!! In my heart I know that God is listening and that he will allow my little angel to stay longer! I pray Kelvin will once again SHOCK US!! He has done it in the past and I pray he will continue to do so!!
Please continue to pray!! Your prayers are working and we need them more and more!!
Love and filled with hope!!
Thank you all for your donations they are being put to use for all of Kelvin's expenses!!

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