Monday, November 06, 2006


Just a reminder to family and friends, and to anyone else that might be reading this post. Don’t forget to vote tomorrow, Tuesday November 7th. How easy it would be to say “The hell with it!” , as more and more people are staying home on Election Day. Think of it this way, regardless of your political affiliation, if you stay home, you might just as well have voted for the other guys. It comes down to choices and where you think our country should be headed. No big deal? Ask yourself this, do you want a secular government, or do you want a government that recognizes our Judeo-Christian roots? Do you feel we should be giving more money to the government, or do you want to pay less taxes and keep more of your hard earned money. Perhaps you are satisfied with the way our country handles the illegal immigration problem and perhaps you’re not. Maybe you’re just content to let someone make these decisions for you. But if you want some say in where our country is going, tomorrow is the day to be heard. How you vote, or not, will help determine which direction America is going. My personal opinion is, it’s our duty. It’s both a right (if we obey the laws) and a privilege to vote. I happen to think we still live in the greatest country in the world. Apparently, millions of other people the world over feel the same way, because they risk life and limb to get here. With all our flaws, we still have a pretty good life here. Let’s keep it that way. Vote! God Bless America!

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