Sunday, November 12, 2006


Imagine going home, leaving the hospital and instead of being happy feeling scared and wondering what lies ahead? Imagine it even worst, going home and the doctors telling you that there is no more hope, that the only thing ahead is death. Even worst, its not your death its the death of your child. The son you carried, felt every move he made even felt when he had the hiccups then you held him in your arms for the first time. You watched him say his first word, take his first step. You took him to school for the first time and you cried all the way home not wanting to leave him there and watching the clock anxious to pick him up! How can this be happening? It just can't be! Now your suppose to sit at home and watch him die?? NO!! I won't do it!! This is what kept going through my head, I was up at all hours of the night on the computer looking up all kinds of information about cancer and how to beat it! I could not sleep, I could not eat and did not even remember the last time I showered and changed. I was not giving up, this is my baby. He has gone through so much, so much poison has been pumped through his veins and his body could not take it anymore! So what did it do, it fought back and filled my babies head with cancer! I sit and read all of the side affects of chemo and there it is in black and white, "May cause other cancers". You are so desperate and you accept it, chemo. You are not aware of other options, no one tells you! So as I laid by sons side counting every breath, watching him and praying that he would wake up to have another day with him. I heard the door bell and it was the mail man he had a package, as I opened the package I saw information about a doctor in Texas who does alternative medicines, I called him and explained Kelvin's case they listened and said they would get back to me. I waited but no one ever called back. A few days later I received a package from this doctor with a list of all kids of natural supplements and vitamins he recommends you take. So I sent Frank to the Vitamin shop and bought everything I thought I could get Kelvin to take. I asked him if he wanted to see another doctor he said "Lets give it another shot!" I knew then that he was not ready to die, he wanted to live and wanted to continue to fight! He has, he has been fighting and he has improved! It is such a miracle to watch him live! My little boy is living! He is doing so many things that he could not do before! He is playing games, watching TV and now when anyone comes to visit he says "I have a surprise for you!!" He gets up off the couch and walks!! He has not walked since September! We don't know how much time we have with our angel! We are just so thankful for the time we have and pray for more! I pray that God continues to work within my baby and cures him! I always say this "I believe in Miracles" I do I really do.
The fact that my son is with us is a miracle and I continue to ask you all to pray for a cure, a miracle! We will not give up! No matter what the doctors tell us we won't give up!!
Praying for a Miracle and
Never giving up Hope!!
Mom & Dad

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