Sunday, November 19, 2006

Praying and Thanking God for Everyday!!

I continue to thank God for everyday that He has given us with our little angel! God is so great! He has allowed us to spend these days with our little angel!! We have continued to have faith that Kelvin will one day run and play like he use to. Kelvin continues to shock us! He has been so excited to go to Chucky Cheese so we decided to take him! He walked from game to game! He played and was so excited to be there! He got tired after 2 hours and sat. He did not want to go but finally after another hour he said "OK mommy, lets go cash in my tickets and go home." I felt so happy to see him so happy!

We continue to treat him with alternative medicines. He feels so much better and does not mind it! I continue to kick myself for not knowing about this! So many people get cured without having to suffer so much or they just have a better quality of life! I believe that my son is in Gods hands and if it is His wish He will cure my angel! Kelvin continues to fight, not wanting to give up! He says "I defeated the monster once and I will defeat him again!" He also prays every night and asks God to kill the monster and I know that God is listening!
Please continue to pray that a true miracle will happen and that my little warrior will win this battle!

A friend gave him the movie "Polo Express", Kelvin again said "Mommy, I know I have been so good this year and I am on Santa's good list so I am asking him to make me some magic powder to kill the monster". I told him that Santa makes toys and that God is the one to ask to kill the monster. I told him that God is our savior and if he prays and believes that He will cure him! I tell him this because I believe that God can cure him!

Praying for a Cure,
P.S. I will also forward you a picture of Kelvin playing games in Chicky Cheese.

Kelvin at Chucky Cheese

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