Monday, December 18, 2006

Filled with hope! From Rocio Montagner

Kelvin was at the brink of death his breathing was irregular only breathing a few times then stopping, they called this apnea. The hospice nurses stayed until midnight waiting for him to pass away. I told them that thankfully we were surrounded by our loving family and that we would contact them if needed. All of a sudden he began to improve, his breathing became regular and he has not vomited for approx 24 hours. He continues to spit up blood and we are constantly cleaning his mouth with suction so that he does not choke. He has been pretty stable and the nurses came back to check up on him and are very surprised. All I know is that I have been blessed with another day. The doctors were anticipating him passing in 12 hours but again my little warrior has surprised them and is going on 36 hours and fighting to stay alive! When he was declining he would clasp his little hands and ask God to allow him to stay! He does not want to give up! We have told him to rest but he is doing what he wants as he should he is in control!
We continue to wait and pray that these are all signs of him surviving and sharing his presence with us for a while longer.
Filled with Hope and Praying for a Miracle!!
Mom & Dad
P.S. Please join us in our plea, we just don't want to loose our love, our angel our son.

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