Monday, January 15, 2007

Cars Broken Into at Funeral - From Rocio Montagner

I am very upset when I tell you that about 8 cars were broken into at Kelvin's funeral. Apparently this happens in a regular basis and Forrest Lawn does nothing about it! It looks like one of the victims contacted the Daily News and they want a stop to these horrible criminals taking advantage of mourners. If you have been a victim or know of anyone in the past who has been broken into at the Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills please contact Eugene at (818) 546-3304. I remember a few months ago while I was at the hospital outpatient oncology clinic that a very sweet and caring nurse named Alyson who had attended a funeral for Max was broken into! She is no longer there and she told me the same thing I am hearing today that Forest Lawn does nothing about this, not even post signs warning people not to leave their valuables in the car! I think that the story should be written so that more people are aware and maybe Forest Lawn will increase their security or maybe even install cameras to catch these horrible thieves!
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