Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter 2008

I have seen thousands of sunrise’s but today’s sunrise had new meaning for Jeri and I. With every sunrise, every new day, is a chance to start over, to be reborn anew. We were at the Calvary Chapel Montebello Sunrise (Sonrise) Service at Montebello Park this morning, for the first time, literally watching the sun come up as Pastor Pancho was speaking the word of God. I think everyone in attendance understood that 2000 years ago, Jesus, who had been crucified on the cross three days before and entombed, was resurrected on a day just like today. It connected us with him, if only metaphorically. The real connection is knowing that like Jesus, we too can be resurrected, reborn, by our faith and God’s Grace. Have a Happy Easter and enjoy your time with your family today.

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