Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PoFolks Restaurant

Jeri and I stopped at PoFolks, in Buena Park, this morning for breakfast. I'm not sure what's going on lately but we have been having a streak of bad luck. The bad luck streak was still in effect this morning. Breakfast is served til 11:00 and we just made it, getting there at 11:00am. There weren't too many people in there today but for some reason it took about 15 minutes to get us seated.

PoFolks is known for it's southern style cooking, at least in theory, Once upon a time they were a top of the line restaurant, attracting hungry diners leaving Knott's Berry Farm looking for some good eats. It's become a tourist trap. I take some resposibility. I should have known better.

I ordered a country fried pork chop with two sunny side up eggs, home fried potatoes and biscuits and gravy. Jeri had two eggs over easy, hash browns and bacon, with toast. Did I mention that it took 30 minutes before we were asked if we wanted coffee? 10 minutes before we got our coffee and another few minutes before we ordered. I can't explain why we didn't walk out. As the waitress, Christine, was taking our order, she leaned on our table, just a little too comfortable and tells my wife and I, "I am just so tired you know, I'll do a better job for you when you come back next time". My wife and I just looked at each other. I asked for an orange juice with my breakfast and her response was "Okay but you'll have to keep reminding me, I'm bad with drinks". Again, my wife and I just looked at each other.

I should mentioned that none of the waitress' looked very sanitary and hygenic. To a girl, they were sloppy with messy hair that looked like it might end up in our food. You can bet your bottom dollar I checked before I ate.

Sometime later, and by now, sporting a five o'clock shadow, our waitress brought our food to the table. She reached in front of me to lay the plate down, and just as the plate was within an inch of the table, another customer called my waitress. Instead of putting my plate down, she hangs onto it as she goes to see what the customer wants, She's holding my plate in front of her as she talks. I'm worried, not knowing if she was a spitter or not. She comes back puts the plate down and again tells us how tired she is, and how much better the service will be when we come back next time. my wife and I continue to exchange glances.

My wife looks at my plate and then at me and says in her most sympathetic tone "those home fries look horrible, would you like some of my hash browns?" They were every bit as bad as theylooked. The pork chop was dried but the crust was greasy. In a word, the food was lousy.

Anyway, to make a short story long, as she brought us our bill, she apologized continously for her sloppy service. Now niether my wife nor I complained the whole time we were there. Though it might have showed on our faces. She aplogized because she knew, instictively that she was doing a lousy job, at our expense. As she was talking, I was writing my review.

Then I said to her as she was complaining, "You know, I write reviews for a ratings website and I'll be doing a review of the restaurant,...and your service. Suddenly, she snapped to attention, and I mean that literally, she staightened up and asked me, suddenly in a concerned and compassionate voice "How was your food? My response was "At best? Barely adequate" "And the service? she asked. "You tell me." I said. There was a shift in power now. She looked at me and said in a small pitiful voice "it sucks?" "Well. there you go, it sucks. Your words not mine" but what did I do? "Well for starters you brought me apple juice. I ordered orange juice to which she responded "Oh yeah, that's right, I'll go get it" "Never mind were going".

She ran and told the manager that I was writing a review on the restaurant. Suddenly I was getting the full treatment, but it was too late, we were leaving.

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