Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Andrew Salazar De La O

Andrew Salazar DeLa O
Decenber 16, 1923-May 7, 1981

Andrew Salazar De La O, a man from New Mexico, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a brother, a brother-in-law,  an uncle, a  father-in-law, a friend, a hard working man, an upholsterer, a union leader, , a union steward, a union president,  a lender but not a borrower, a giver but not a taker, a boxer, a fighter, a baseball fan, especially the Dodgers, a gymnast, an arm wrestler, a showoff, a Pachuco, a lover of music, a singer, a guitar player, a dancer, a lover of life, a teacher of life, an outdoors man, a camper and hiker, a lover of green chili, a decent cook,  a man who enjoyed a good movie, a protector of those he loved, a man’s man, a man with flaws, a man who loved to remember the old days,  a man who enjoyed a cold beer, a man with a temper,  a man who made mistakes, a man who worked hard to correct his mistakes,  a sometimes impatient man, a proud yet humble man, a man who saved his money, a homeowner, a man who liked to talk and joke, a man who loved his wife and kids, a man who died too young, a man who was cheated,  a man who knew only one of his  grandchildren, a man who missed out on seeing all his grandchildren grow up, a man who missed his father, a man who never missed a day of work, a man who did not grow old with his wife, Anita, a man who lived and died in California,  a tired man, a man who at long last accepted Jesus Christ as his savior, a man who is missed by his family,  A man who will not be forgotten. He was and is all this and more. Today would be his 85th birthday.  Happy Birthday  Dad. I love you.

Somewhere in East Los Angeles,
 Sometime in the 1940's

The summer of 1972


Anonymous said...

Randy, I think you wrote a wonderful tribute to your dad, and he taught life lessons that go on beyond his life. His life was meaningful in so many ways. Although I didn't have the privilege to know him, his spirit is kept alive in you and your children. May his memory be for a blessing.

In peace,
David Alper,
Great-grandson of Francesca "Kika" de la O.

Randy De La O said...

Thank you David, For some reason Blogger does not record the date on comments so I do't know if this is a new or old comment. If it's old, I apologize. This is the first time I've seen it. I appreciate the kind words!