Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Children's Hospital Los Angeles: Kelvin Montagner Remembered

Kelvin Montagner and Billy Bush

By Rocio Montagner

Today I woke up with a call from our good friend Billy Bush from Access Hollywood. He wanted us to know that my son's memory lives on. He spoke on the radio today KBIG 104.3 Childrens Hospital Telethon, about my son Kelvin Montagner and how he touched his life when he met him at Childrens Hospital. You see my son had cancer and CHLA took care of him. Billy donated $5,000.00 in his memory today. It is not until you go through such a horriable time basically living at the hospital to try to save your childs life that you realize how important it is to help! The monies go towards the Life Specialist program who have wonderful people who help the kids cope with their illness & help them forget by having game rooms for them where they can escape for a little while coloring, painting & playing games! I know how important this is! Remember I lived it! I also know how difficult these ecenomic times are but I think if we all just make a small donation cummalative it will make a difference!! So please donate $5.00 by texting 9099 CHLA! Or call in (800) 817-4KID today! Make a difference you never know when your child may need to be cared for, your niece or nephew! Whats $5.00?? Those of you who can afford a bit more
PLEASE!!! Call in!!
Thank You!!

P.S. Here is a picture of my son Kelvin with Billy Bush on his Birthday! Yes he spent it in a hospital bed at Childrens Hospital. The hospital made it a happy time for him

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