Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tacos, Birthday Cake and Cars

Jeri and I spent the day with our son in law Tom, daughter Lori and our grandkids, Sidney and Trevor,  this past Sunday. Saturday was Jeri's birthday and we were invited for some of Tom's famous homemade tacos, and cake and ice cream.  At my request Tom brought out all his cars and showcased them for Jeri and I.

His collection includes a 1947 Plymouth Coupe, a 1960 Impala Coupe, a 1961 Impala Sedan and a 1972 Chevelle SS (my favorite).  All have been entered in car shows in and around Orange County, California

Click the white arrow on each photo frame to start the slideshow
1947 Plymouth Coupe

1961 Impala Sedan

1960 Impala Coupe

1972 Chevelle SS

Tom & Lori's House

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