Monday, April 29, 2013

Rough Week...

Post Biopsy
Immediately following the biopsy

What started as a headache on Saturday April 20, ended up as a short hospital stay and lots of pain. As I was hunkering down and waiting to watch the Austin Trout vs Canelo Alvarez fight I developed a headache or what seemed to be a headache. Took some Motrin and it seemed to help. It never completely went away but it seemed manageable.

It was back by Sunday morning and was getting worse by the minute. As bad as it was I went to work non Monday and Tuesday. By Tuesday afternoon I had taken all I could take. My wife and I agreed I needed to see a doctor. She tried earlier to get me to go to the doc but I resisted. This time I had enough sense to go.

On Wednesday, April 24, the doctor checked me out but was stumped and sent me to the Whittier Presbyterian Hospital for a CT Scan. At that point they seemed pretty sure it was a sinus virus infection that was causing all my pain. When I say pain I'm talking about the kind of pain that brings a man to his knees. I was skeptical but accepted them at their word. They sent me home to recover.

That same day it got increasingly worse and by Friday it was unbearable. I returned to the Hospital and was admitted a s a patient. An MRI was done. Again, as with the CT Scan, they were looking for a possible tumor, clot, bleeding, hemorrhaging, whatever.

While it was accurately determined that I did have a serious sinus virus, they were not 100% certain that was the cause of my pain. I was told that I had Temporal Arteritis – inflammation of the blood vessels- and that was the cause of my pain. In reality they were still unsure, they were going to treat it as if it were the case. I'm on several meds including steroids which puts me at some risk since I am diabetic.

Saturday I was told I was going to have a biopsy in hopes of finding the source of my problem. That was done and I will be getting the results during the week. I was sent home yesterday and at least in my mind, I'm still unclear about what the problem is.

So that is where I am right now. I feel okay as long as I take my pain medications. I'm hoping to be back at work next Monday and get back to business as usual.

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