Thursday, May 02, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Mother Anita De La O

My Mother Anita (Ann) De La O born: Osuna

Today is my mother Anita's birthday. She is 84 years young. I say young because if there is anyone that has defied age, both physically and in physical appearance, it is my mother. It has been her youthful and positive outlook on life that has brought her this far. That and her faith in God. We are all proud of her and love her more than we can say. We cherish each and every day with her. She is the family matriarch.

Happy Birthday Mom and thank you for all you have done for all of us through the years and for all that you continue to do for your family! God bless you and we love you!

Andy & Ann (Anita) De La O

My parents, Andrew and Anita De La O, on their first date at the Avadon Ballroom in downtown Los Angeles - 1947. My mother was 17 at the time. Happy Birthday Ma!

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