Friday, July 05, 2013

A Low Key Fourth of July

With the kids out of the house and doing their own thing this Fourth of July, Jeri and I decided to drive to Huntington Beach to watch the fireworks yesterday at the HB pier. We drove around for close to an hour, along with a thousand other cars, and could not find one single parking space. The crowd was phenomenal. We saw a parking lot and we were just about to pull in but the car in front of us pulled in first and the attendant put out a "Lot Full" sign behind him. I said "That's it, let's go!" We ended up in Seal Beach, one of our favorite hangouts but there was no fireworks.

We stopped at our favorite pizza joint (a Slice of New York Pizza) and hung out on the pier for a while and headed home. The fireworks around the neighborhood were just beginning so we pulled the tail down on my truck and watched from there. We could not have had a better show anywhere. All's well that ends well!

My wife Jeri at the Seal Beach Pier

I took this photo yesterday from the Seal Beach pier. Is this cool or what? Talk about a traveling musician! The guy was playing some cool jazz and he wasn't too bad. He had a pretty good voice too. He had a small crowd around him that really seemed to appreciate him.

Sunset at the Seal Beach Pier

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