Monday, September 23, 2013

Newlin Avenue

Jeri De La O

This photo of my wife Jeri was taken in the summer of 1978 in the backyard of our home on Newlin Ave, a couple of months after Meranda was born. I can't even began to tell you how many parties we had at that house. The cops showing up two or three times a night to shut us down type of parties. Kegs galore.

The back yard might not look like much but we had free rein with the house and the yard. The landlords could not have cared less what we did as long as we paid the rent on time. I always had the feeling of living somewhere far away, somewhere out in the country.

We were in our early twenties and beginning our lives. It was a special time and it was a special place, both the neighborhood and the people.

The house is gone now. It was torn down in 1987 and a two unit apartment was built in it's place. The house is one of our family's favorite memory. Nothing last forever.

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