Sunday, October 27, 2013

C-17 Family Day at the Boeing Facilities in Long Beach, California

Left to right: Granddaughter Mariah, Daughter Meranda,granddaughter Maddie, son in law Josh (Savannah's Husband), Savannah, Me, my wife Jeri, granddaughter Sidney, son in law Tom (Lori's husband), grandson Trevor,, daughter Lori and the C-17 Globemaster III..

Last Sunday, October 20, I had the pleasure of bringing my family (most of them) to my job site at the Boeing Facilities in Long Beach where I work on the C-17. I see these plane every day but seeing them anew through my family's eye's reminded me of what an awesome plane the C-17 really is. The C-17 plant will be closing in 2015, and I will begin my retirement.This was my last chance to share this with my children and grandchildren. When the doors close in 2015, I'll be in my 36th year at Boeing/McDonnell Douglas.

I realize now that we have all  been part of something big, something historic. Not just the C-17 but also through the original McDonnell Douglas family of aircraft of which the C-17 is part of. Despite the name Boeing, the C-17 is a product of McDonnell Douglas ingenuity and innovation and most of us that have been privileged to work here have never lost sight of that. We really did something here.

The day turned out great. My wife and my kids were excited to be here and I was happy to show them around. The company provided gourmet lunch trucks, games for the kids and plenty of time to tour the facility. My thanks to the Boeing Company.

Here is a link to more photos from the C-17 Family Day:

The C-17 Globemaster III in action.

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