Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lincoln & Hoover Elementary Schools

Lincoln Elementary School, Whittier, California

Lincoln Elementary School, one of two elementary schools my kids attended in Whittier. Lincoln is located on the corner of Broadway and Newlin Ave. We lived a few houses down on Newlin. This is the view we had from the front porch.

Jeri became a troop leader in the boy scouts when all the troops were full and were no longer accepting any more boys, including our son Andrew. She took the initiative, contacted the other parents, and began her own Boy Scout Troop. The meetings were held in one of the classrooms courtesy of Principal Paul Moore (a true friend to the parents and students).

The other school was Hoover Elementary. The two schools split between grades. I have good memories of this neighborhood and those years.

Hoover Elementary School, Whittier, California

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