Sunday, March 08, 2015

Coffee Cups, Family and Good Friends........

Coffee Cup

I got up a little later than usual this morning. I'll blame the time change for that. it's all good though, my time is my own now. I just finished my breakfast of scrambled eggs and biscuits that Jeri made and I'm enjoying one more cup of coffee.

I collect coffee cups, kinda, sorta, I didn't set out to collect them, it just happened. I have every cup we ever bought while on vacation somewhere, as well as the coffee cups given to me by my children and grandchildren over the years. I have cups that were given to me by friends that I worked with years ago at McDonnell Douglas and Boeing, that brought me back coffee cups from their home states.

The cupboard is overflowing with these cups and I have two boxes in the garage filled with coffee cups. I never could bring myself to get rid of them. Maybe someday, when we get around to remodeling the kitchen, I'll build some type of display rack.

I rarely drink from the same cup two days in a row. My morning cup of coffee is also the time I use to reflect about things. Sometimes, it's about family, sometimes it's old friends or places my wife and I have been too.

This morning, I'm drinking my coffee from a cup my son gave me about ten years ago, or thereabouts, when he was in Alaska. It's from Amelia's Restaurant in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. I chose this cup this morning because my son Andrew is on my mind. We had such a great talk on the phone the other night and it is still on my mind. Drinking my coffee from this cup keeps him close to me.

Good Morning and have a beautiful Sunday!

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