Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rio Hondo Golf Course

Rio Hondo Golf Course

My father, Andrew De La O, was quite the golfer back in the day. He played in tournaments throughout Southern California and as far away as Florida. He enjoyed the sport. I golfed with my father numerous times when I was growing up and I did enjoy it but as an adult I have never golfed. It just was not my cup of tea.

This picture was taken, according to the date on the placard, in May of 1964, at the old Rio Hondo Golf Course in Pico Rivera, California. Which seems strange because according to Wikipedia, the course was built in 1965. I cannot find any other record of its existence. I might have to take a drive and see if it's still around just out of curiosity.

My father is second from the left. This was a company sponsored event with the Sherman and Bertram Company. My father and the man on the left of my father in the photo, Jesse Gonzalez, were top union officials in the Upholsterer's International Union (UIU) - my father eventually became the president of the UIU - and were either representing the company or the union in this event.

Addendum:  Seems I was confusing the Rio Hondo Golf Course in Downey, which was built in 1924, with the nearby Pico Rivera Municipal Golf, which was built in 1964. The above photograph was taken at the Rio Hondo Golf Course in Downey, California in 1965. Thanks to my friend Roger Helderle for the info.

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