Friday, May 05, 2017

Future Olympian?

Maddie at Whittier Aquatic center

Maddie at Whittier Aquatic center
Practicing her diving

Maddie at Whittier Aquatic center
Getting her laps in
Jeri and I just got back from our granddaughter Maddie's swimming lessons at the Aquatic Center at Palm Park here in Whittier. This is her second year and this is her first week back since last year.
After the success of the American swimming team last year she said she wanted to swim and she wanted to be an Olympian. A lofty goal? Maybe but so far she is doing her part. We believe her and we believe in her. We are all on her team and we will be there as long and as far as she wants to take it.We want her (and all our grandchildren) to reach for the stars!

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