Sunday, May 07, 2017

Marking Time

Andrew Salazar De La O

Today marks the 36th year since my father's passing on May 7th, 1981. He was 57 When he died. I will miss that man forever. I can still get emotional when I speak about him.
He ws a humble man but he had a man's pride. He taught me those things a man needs to know and I am forever grateful.
Sometimes it does not seem so long ago but then I look at all that has happened since he has been gone. He missed out on his grandchildren (Meranda turned three 13 days after his passing) and his great grandchildren. It was a lifetime ago. I sometimes wonder if he would recognize the country today.
We only discussed God once. I asked him if he believed in God. His answer was “Yes” that was the extent of our conversation. Still, in his own way he was a Godly man. It was in the way he worked so hard for his family, or the way he loved my mother, and all of us. It was in the way he stood up for people that had trouble standing up for them selves. It was in the way that he always kept his word and lived with integrity.
I named my only son after him and it's fitting because they share many of the same qualities, including a love for music and the guitar.
In the end, thanks to my uncle Gilbert, and his son, my cousin Pastor Gilbert De La O, he was led to Christ and for that I am eternally grateful.

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