Saturday, May 20, 2017

Happy Birthday to my Daughter Meranda

Meranda and me Retirement Dinner at the California Grill

Happy Birthday to the little girl who made me a daddy. It really doesn't seem that long ago but it was.
Being your father and watching you grow up one day at a time has been my life's joy. I would do it all again except I can't. What I can do or what your mother and I can do, is always be here for you.
We have seen you make that leap of faith in the last year. You have proven that hard work and the ability to endure pays off.
Your girls, our granddaughters, adore you and you inspire them everyday! They want to be like their mother.
Life has handed you some tough blows, I know, but you took them like a champ and that's because you are a champion.
You got the right stuff kid. God has blessed you.
Love you and always in your corner, Mom & dad!!

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