Monday, October 02, 2006

Confused-Kelvin's Parents

Today we had allot of family come and visit Kelvin. He stayed in bed and was very quiet. He hardly spoke, finally at about 11:00pm he started to talk. We were so happy to see him act a little more normal but when I began to talk to him about his visitors he kept telling me that they did not visit him that he was in the hospital when they came to the house. Kelvin could not remember what he ate or getting any of the gifts. It was pretty scary! I don't know why this happened I am just praying that it is not the progression of the cancer. I hope that with the medicine they gave him for the swelling in his brain will help normalize him.
It was so nice to have so many people visiting Kelvin, I wish that it could have been like this all along but it took Kelvin getting worst for people to realize how sick he really was. I think allot of people took him for granted and now they realize how much they may miss him if he is gone. Now that he is getting these visitors he can't seem to remember. It is so frustrating and so unfair!
I still can't stop crying, it is just so difficult to imagine life without my little angel. I look at him, hold and kiss him, he is so sweet and warm and I just want to hold him and never let go. I can't accept what is happening and I want it to stop, I want our life to be what it was. I have been on the computer looking to see if there is something that will cure him. So much is out there but I don't want to give up! We have sent a man to the moon, cloned animals and still can't seem to find a cure for his horrible decease! People are dyeing everyday, rich,poor, all different races and ages! It is so horrible to think that more money is spent in Iraq in a week than on trying to find a cure in a year! I pray that a cure will be found and it won't be to late for my little angel. This is my wish!
May our wish come true,
P.S. Please continue to pray for my little soldier he told me that he won't give up, that he wants to continue fighting.

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